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Throughout Jewish history, the challenge of keeping a kosher kitchen has been answered in countless ways. Jewish cooks have separated meat, dairy and pareve in separate cabinets and drawers; they’ve installed separate ovens and sinks; they’ve stuck colorful labels onto their pots and pans... even painted utensils with red, blue and green nail polish! Anything to help the entire household keep the kitchen organized.

At The Kosher Cook, we think there’s a better way. Since 1997, we’ve been making high-quality utensils that use accepted color codes for meat, dairy and pareve red, blue and green, respectively to make it easy to keep them in their proper places. We’ve fashioned knives, peelers, wooden spoons, baking molds, rolling pins, aprons, sink strainers everything a modern kitchen needs with the color coding that a kosher kitchen requires.

In 2015, The Kosher Cook merged with Ner Mitzvah, the Jewish world’s leading supplier of premium candles, oil lamps, chanukiahs, and related Judaica. It was a perfect match both companies are dedicated to helping Jewish homes keep and beautify some of our most treasured mitzvahs. Since the merger, we’ve expanded our line and completely redesigned our products, bringing them up to the highest standards. We’ve even added a line of knives and peelers made by Jewish companies that don’t need tovaling. True to the Ner Mitzvah brand, we’re continually making it easier and more practical than ever to keep our sacred traditions.

Today, has become a favorite bookmark for Jewish households and institutions. Our global distribution network reaches local supermarkets, synagogues, Judaic stores and national retail outlets. And, of course, we’re found in countless Jewish homes in communities all over the world. Our newly redesigned site makes it easier than ever to find the items you need to organize your kitchen and make cooking fun again.

Keep calm and keep kosher!